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19. Quantifying force-mediated antigen extraction in the B cell immune synapse using DNA-based tension sensors
H. C. W. McArthur*, A. Bajur*, and K. M. Spillane
Methods in Cell Biology (in press) (*equal contribution)
18. Extracellular matrix rigidity modulates physical properties of SCS macrophage-B cell immune synapses

M. Iliopoulou, A. T. Bajur, H. C. W. McArthur, M. Gabai, C. Coyle, F. Ajao, R. Köchl, A. P. Cope, and K. M. Spillane

Biophysical Journal (in press).

17. The role and regulation of the NKG2D/NKG2D ligand system in cancer

G. Tan, K. M. Spillane, and J. Maher

Biology 12, 1079 (2023).

16. Long-term retention of antigens in germinal centres is controlled by the spatial organisation of the follicular dendritic cell network

A. Martinez-Riano, S. Wang, S. Boeing, S. Minoughan, A. Casal, K. M. Spillane, B. Ludewig, and P. Tolar

Nature Immunology 24, 1281-1294 (2023).

15. Intrinsic properties of human germinal center B cells set antigen affinity thresholds

K. Kwak, N. Quizon, H. Sohn, A. Saniee, J. Manzella-Lapeira, P. Holla, J. Brzostowski, J. Lu, H. Xie, C. Xu, K. M. Spillane, P. Tolar, and S. K. Pierce

Science Immunology 3, eaau6598 (2018).

14. Mechanics of antigen extraction in the B cell synapse

K. M. Spillane and P. Tolar

Molecular Immunology 101, 319-328 (2018).

13. Evidence for a vibrational phase-dependent isotope effect on the photochemistry of vision

C. Schnedermann, X. Yang, M. Liebel, K. M. Spillane, J. Lugtenburg, I. Fernández, A. Valentini, I. Schapiro, M. Olivucci, P. Kukura, and R. A. Mathies

Nature Chemistry 10, 449-455 (2018).

12. DNA-based probes for measuring mechanical forces in cell-cell contacts: Application to B cell antigen extraction from immune synapses

K. M. Spillane and P. Tolar

Methods in Molecular Biology 1707, 69-80 (2018).

11. Functionalisation of detonation nanodiamond for monodispersed, soluble DNA-nanodiamond conjugates using mixed silane bead-assisted sonication disintegration

R. Edgington, K. M. Spillane, G. Papageorgiou, W. Wray, H. Ishiwata, M. Labarca, S. Leal-Ortiz, G. Reid, M. Webb, J. Foord, N. Melosh, and A. T. Schaefer

Scientific Reports 8, 728 (2018).

10. B cell antigen extraction is regulated by physical properties of antigen-presenting cells

K. M. Spillane and P. Tolar

The Journal of Cell Biology 216, 217-230 (2017).

9. Germinal center B cells recognize antigen through a specialized immune synapse architecture

C. R. Nowosad, K. M. Spillane, and P. Tolar

Nature Immunology 17, 870-877 (2016).

8. High-speed single-particle tracking of GM1 in model membranes reveals anomalous diffusion due to interleaflet coupling and molecular pinning

K. M. Spillane*, J. Ortega-Arroyo*, G. de Wit, C. Eggeling, H. Ewers, M. I. Wallace, and P. Kukura

Nano Letters 14, 5390-5397 (2014). (*equal contribution)

7. Label-free, all-optical detection, imaging, and tracking of a single protein

J. Ortega-Arroyo, J. Andrecka, K. M. Spillane, N. Billington, Y. Takagi, J. R. Sellers, and P. Kukura

Nano Letters 14, 2065-2070 (2014).

6. Wavepacket splitting and two‐pathway deactivation in the photoexcited visual pigment isorhodopsin

D. Polli, O. Weingart, D. Brida, E. Poli, M. Maiuri, K. M. Spillane, A. Bottoni, P. Kukura, R. A. Mathies, G. Cerullo, and M. Garavelli

Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 53, 2504-2507 (2014).

5. Force generation in B-cell synapses: Mechanisms coupling B-cell receptor binding to antigen internalization and affinity discrimination

P. Tolar and K. M. Spillane

Advances in Immunology 123, 69-100 (2014).

4. Direct observation and control of supported lipid bilayer formation with interferometric scattering microscopy

J. Andrecka, K. M. Spillane, J. Ortega-Arroyo, and P. Kukura

ACS Nano 7, 10662-10670 (2013).

3. Conformational homogeneity and excited-state isomerization dynamics of the bilin chromophore in phytochrome Cph1 from resonance Raman intensities

K. M. Spillane, J. Dasgupta, and R. A. Mathies

Biophysical Journal 102, 709-717 (2012).

2. Conical intersection dynamics of the primary photoisomerization event in vision

D. Polli, P. Altoe, O. Weingart, K. M. Spillane, C. Manzoni, D. Brida, G. Tomasello, G. Orlandi, P. Kukura, R. A. Mathies, M. Garavelli, and G. Cerullo

Nature 467, 440-443 (2010).

1. Homogeneity of phytochrome Cph1 vibronic absorption revealed by resonance Raman intensity analysis

K. M. Spillane, J. Dasgupta, J. C. Lagarias, and R. A. Mathies

Journal of the American Chemical Society 131, 13946-13948 (2009).

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