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We’d love to hear from you whether it be about new positions in the lab or more about our work. Please feel free to get in touch.

We have two funded PhD studentships available to start October 2023!

1) Understanding antigen discrimination by B cells

This project will investigate mechanisms of antigen discrimination by B cells (with Reimer Kühn, KCL Mathematics). This would be a great project for a student who wants to combine quantitative experiments with stochastic modelling of receptor signalling.

2) Understanding sensorimotor feedback during cell decision-making

This project will investigate sensorimotor feedback during cell decision-making, using vascular cells and B cells as model systems (1st supervisor: Katie Bentley, KCL Informatics). This project can be computational, wet-lab, or combine both.

We also recruit PhD students through the Leverhulme Trust Mechanics of Life Doctoral Scholarship Programme.

Let's talk science!

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